Friday, May 15, 2009

Hi here,its now 2009 and i'll be turning 24 this year.It has been a wonderful year so far. God has been faithful, standing by me all this while, helping me to let go of the past hurts from the relationship saga and forgive Deborah even though she does not want to speak to me anymore.Thus, i have resolved to not communicating to her at all and i will keep my word which means that i will need to return her the money by some other worries, i will just kiv it, repay my parents' cpf then save up and return her the amount in one lump sum..yup, that will not happen anytime soon.I thank God for the following people: my family,joey,nelson,uncle raymond,han chen...especially these few who have contributed so much to my life. recently, i thank God for the opportunity to catch up with some of the youths that used to be under was really great spending time with them playing dota and helping them manage the kids in character class..thank you God for such wonderful youths who are jewels in your sight.i also recently read a bit of the book my brother nelson gave to me for my birthday(thanks bro) and realised maybe once again that leadership is not about position, its about the influence you have on the lives of others. And i finally had the opportunity to catch up with my brother daniel. for the time being, i will be concentrating on learning tennis,as well as my walk with God and my family.time to do some planning.thats all for now folks

11:30 AM

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hi again,just a few updates..i thank God for helping me finish my essay assignment ahead of time..had been staying up very late to work on it for the last 3 weeks or so..caught up with quite a few friends this month,my former sec school classmates(after 8 yrs or so for most of them),my former sp ns squadron mates and my sp dg mates.other things that happened-miscommunication with certain project mates(work-in-progress),minor dispute with my aunt(resolved already) working on a fixed qt..persevere can make it.Thank God though,that the healing from the r/s is on-going,though certain issues still crop out from time to time,but this is what i concluded so far-
1.i shouldnt mix around people who like to threaten others
2.such people resort to such means because they are insecure in Christ is right to voice out your views to make ur position clear to others
4.the guy should always take charge in a r/s and make the final decisions
5.he should always set the visions and the standard for the r/s and not compromise on them
6.he should honor God in every step of the r/s
7.both parties should love each other for who they are and accept each other's shortcomings-not what the other person can be-in line with our expectations
8. both parties should seek to understand and communicate with each other and refrain from using third parties or threats
9.both parties must abstain from physical touch as far as possible
10.Both parties must pray together and for each other
11.Both parties must have r/s mentors
12.integrity is essential in a r/s,dont compromise on your principles even if you are pressured to or persuaded to..the future cost far outweighs the present benefit
...and so on...i believe that God will continue to teach me more as i seek Him

9:55 AM

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hi all and welcome to 2009,its been about 7 months and so many things have happened.I want to give thanks for the following things:
1)my cap has improved though i failed a module(materials)
2)a new home in sengkang
3)for being able to catch up with most of my close friends
4)for helping me get over the broken r/s
5)for teaching me wonderful things of His Word
6)for developing my charcter even more(forgiveness,decisiveness,perseverance,trust in God)
yet im trusting God to give me wisdom and hope to accomplish the following within the next few yrs
1)graduate from nus
2)find a job after graduating
3) become a teacher in moe
4)gain a certain level of competency in the study of God's word
5) knowing God even more
6)a consistent and disciplined prayer life
7) get to know my small gp members better
8)disciple my p5 and p6 kids effectively


6:52 AM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A month ago, deborah and I broke up over communication problems.Somehow, there are times that I do not answer her questions directly which irks her.Just thinking about it troubles me because i just cant seem to solve the problem and I dont know the causes behind that problem.But anyway, I have decided to let the issue rest.Now, concentrating on recovering emotionally from the break-up.On a positive note, its good to be single again!Yeh, more time for myself although it means less company in the sense that i will miss her.It is definitely a good time to refocus on the passions,goals and ministries that the Lord has placed upon my heart.Lets go on Lord Jesus and save the lost.Thank you for teaching me that no relationship can replace the love you have for me.Thank you for loving me for who i am.

8:45 PM

Friday, June 13, 2008

What's wrong with me?Am I such a bad person after all? Life has been TERRIBLE!.I repeat..TERRRIBLE! ever since the end of church camp when i found out that dear doesnt love me for who i am..Feeling TERRIBLY disappointed and betrayed at this moment..after all the time and effort that i have put into this relationship..Why God? Why?Its so sad knowing that things have to end out this way...dont feel like blogging anymore for now.Please help me God at my point of need.Heal me oh Lord, and i will be healed, save me and i will be saved.For you are the one i pray.
In His Love,

4:52 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its been a long time since I last updated my blog.I really give thanks to God for all the blessings in my life.couldnt imagine that i would be able to make it this far to nus, being blessed with dear,able to impact the lives of children from dysfunctional families and being able to make and sustain so many friends.Thank you Lord! Lord, words cannot describe how much i appreciate you for being so involved in my life, for caring about me though i constantly neglect you at times.Thank you Jesus, my beloved friend and redeemer.Its been about 20 years or so since you spoke to me and i have never regretted having you as my saviour and Lord and friend,thank you jesus.I remember the time you started speaking to me, the time i started talking to you and the times we spent together-as i read your word and you spoke to me and i complained about so many things..its so wonderful having you to confide in..and for the times i lost my way and you guiding me back, for the times i fell because of my pride and the times you humbled me, the times i struggled with my studies and how you helped me to understand and cope with my subjects, the times when i felt so alone and you comforted me, the times i felt betrayed by others and you were there, and for teaching me how to trust and rely on you, putting you first in everything.Thank you precious jesus.Lord, teach me to trust and obey for there is no other way,but be happy in Jesus, oh to trust and obey.

7:47 AM

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Im just so glad and relieved that dear decided not to break up with me.To tell you the truth, I part of me was preparing for the worst.She was just tired of working things out and was irritated about certain things that i failed to do, for example, not taking the initiative to buy movie tickets, things that i did not consider important.It was so reassuring to know that she still loves me and appreciates that i have been working on these areas all this while and im glad that she is willing to work things out with me.Both of us admitted that we had communication problems and we were both at fault in certain ways for the deterioration of our relationship, me for not being decisive enough and her for doing things that irritate me.I guess such everything adds up.But i am thankful that this storm is over and to the Lord for the realisation that after all this while,we still love each other.Thanks to all who have been praying for us and to our abba father who has been guiding us all this while.Thank you Lord for meeting our needs and answering our prayers and for teaching us what it means to love each other.Indeed, without you Lord, this relationship would not have survived. I need to rest now..see ya!

6:45 AM